On Friday, 26th March, John Whittingdale visited Wentworth School, Maldon to make the presentation to the School Gardening Club of gardening equipment which they had won as a part of the "Let's Grow" scheme run by Morrisons. Wentworth is just one of more than 22,000 primary and secondary schools that have participated over the last two years. In total, over the first two years of Let's Grow, UK schools will have taken delivery of: 7,086 greenhouses, 7,465 pairs of Wellington boots, 68,271 pairs of gardening gloves, 30,517 hand trowels and many more.
Wentworth School has a keen gardening club with each year group having its own allotment. John is pictured with Rebekah Russell of Morrisons in Maldon, Mrs Beverley Halls of Wentworth School and Barry Day, Store Manager of Morrisons, Maldon.