John Whittingdale visited Calorex Heat Pumps in The Causeway Industrial Estate, Maldon where he as given a briefing on the company by Tony Mullins, Chairman, and Richard Carrington, Managing Director (pictured).

John also discussed the concerns of the Heat Pump Association with President, Tony Bowen, who is also a non-executive director of the company. He was then given a tour of the shopfloor by Manufacturing Director, Phil Park. Calorex is a major employer in Maldon with 150 employees. It is a world leader in the manufacture of heat pumps with over half its sales going outside the UK. Heat pumps have a vital role to play in reducing domestic carbon emissions and John also discussed Government plans to provide an incentive to householders to fit heat pumps rather than domestic boilers. 

John said: "Calorex is not just a major contributor to the economy in the Maldon District, it has a vital role to play in helping Britain achieve its targets for reducing carbon emissions. Calorex is a world leader in developing air and ground sourced heat pumps which can provide heat without any CO2 emissions. If we are to tackle climate change, reducing domestic carbon emissions is essential and I am delighted that a Maldon-based firm is at the forefront of these efforts".