John visits Endoline Services in Maldon.

John Whittingdale saw first hand how a HIGH-TECH Maldon company is making a valuable contribution to the UK environment. Mr Whittingdale was the guest of the IT equipment recycling company End-O-Line (EOLS) at its Station Road Maldon premises on 20 February. He saw how the company, which is the foremost independent IT asset disposal company in the UK, is giving redundant IT equipment such as computers a new lease on life. EOLS operates a zero landfill policy for the 5,000 pieces of IT equipment it handles each week on behalf of its Blue Chip Clients including global banks and financial institutions. After all data is erased, 50 per cent of the computer equipment is resold, 40 per sent is given a new lease on life as components and the remaining 10 per cent is passed to other recycling companies to use in an environmentally-responsible way. Since it moved to Maldon from Danbury in April 2004, the company has employed 14 more people and increased by 50 per cent.