John Whittingdale chaired and spoke at a public meeting at the Plume Academy on the subject of Climate Change. The meeting was organised by Jill Bruce, a WI Climate Ambassador, and Hattie Phillips, a Year 8 pupil at Plume Academy. The other speakers were Gareth Redmond-King of WWF-UK, Darren Tansley of Essex Wildlife Trust and Prof Sam Fankhauser of Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the LSE.  John said:

“I warmly congratulate Hattie on helping to organise the meeting and speaking with such passion. Climate Change is one of the greatest challenges we face and it is Hattie’s generation who are in the lead in calling for more to be done. I am proud that the UK has one of the best records of any country in the world in cutting carbon emissions and is now going to legislate that we must achieve a net zero carbon emission target by 2050. However, we need to do more and every person has a responsibility to think about their own lifestyle and what more they can do to reduce carbon emissions. It was good to see so many people come to the meeting and to commit to doing so.”