John was delighted to attend the re-opening of Maldon Bowling Club after lockdown. He also enjoyed trying his hand at bowls on the immaculate green at the Club at Park Drive in Maldon. Last year, John was pleased to support the club’s application to the SUEZ Landfill Community welfare fund for a grant towards the cost of new green-keeping machinery. As a result, the Club was awarded £8,800 for new equipment meaning that the Club no longer has to employ Maldon District Council thus releasing funds to promote bowls in the wider community, including with the Plume School.



John said: “it is fantastic that outdoor recreational sport is now possible again and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in my first match at Maldon Bowling Club. It was also wonderful to play on such a perfectly manicured green, thanks to the efforts of Mark Piper and the new equipment funded by SUEZ”

John is pictured above with Club President Colin Wall, Club Captain Carole Ash, and greenkeeper Mark Piper.