On 16 July, John was delighted to cut the ribbon and open Lambton & Jackson’s new Maldon smokehouse.

The local business, that was started in 2014 by Sean Jackson and Darcy Lambton at Chigborough Fisheries, has become a big success and now delivers across the UK and to a number of 5-star hotels. The new state-of-the-art building, that was designed to be in keeping with its surroundings and completed in March 2020, had to delay its official opening due to the pandemic. The new larger premises will mean that the business can expand production of its high-quality Maldon Deep Smoked Salmon and Oak Smoked Eel.

On opening the new smokehouse, John said “I am delighted to officially open Lambton & Jackson’s new premises – it is a wonderful addition to everything that Maldon district has to offer.”